Thursday, January 19, 2012

a new food discovery (lyn)

For a while now, Zelia has been telling me about the salad bar at Fairway, so this afternoon I go there.  For $7.99, this is what you can get:
  • A good size serving of greens (I choose romaine)
  • Six toppings (I struggle to find six I want, but eventually end up with beets, kidney beans, artichokes, peas, corn, and tomatoes)
  • One cheese (I like goat)
  • Chopped or not chopped (I get a version in-between)
Then, for a dollar more, you can add a protein (beef, shrimp, or chicken; I choose chicken).

As my salad is being semi-chopped, a Fairway employer returns two bins of cranberries and mushrooms. I get a little of each at no charge.

I ask for the dressing (balsamic) on the side, and have a $9 dinner for two nights.  I doubt I could buy the ingredients for less.

I get home around seven and feel like sushi.  I’m sure the salad will be just as good this weekend.  At least I hope so.  A $9 dinner is only a good value if I eat it.

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