Tuesday, January 24, 2012

question to our readers (lyn)

A friend of mine recently asked, “Why do you still write a blog?  After all, you’re no longer doing what the blog name states…being on a diet.”  It made me think.  Why am I still writing, and should I be?

I know that many of my posts stray far from topic.  I’ve reached my goal, and now I’m not even tracking.  But as I told my friend, maintenance is harder for me than losing, because there are no rewards.  Congratulations; you’re the same, is the best I can expect.  But that’s what I want to be---the same.  And the same is hard to write about. 

I’m maintaining not for accolades; I’m maintaining because I’ve always identified with being thin, and thin is what I want to be.  I like wearing small-sized clothes.  I like not having a double chin.  I like being healthier.  I like making my mother happy.  I like being near in size to my two  sisters.  And I like looking younger.  There are many benefits to being at the right weight.

I committed to being on a diet for a year and writing about it.  I did that.  But then I found I liked writing.  It’s a discipline that keeps me focused and committed.

I’d love to hear from you all.  Please leave comments on this question, and it’s a serious one: 

Now that I have reached my goal, should I stop blogging?

I await your responses.


  1. No!!!!!! Don't stop!!!! I love reading your stories - dieting, not dieting, tracking or not, your son, customer service [good & bad], product/food discoveries and on and on. Your writing is smart, witty and fun. Perfect accompaniment to my morning cup of coffee!!

  2. Are you kidding? What would I have to look forward to every day that makes me smile?

    I appreciate the difficulty of maintenance and appreciate your insights. Your positive attitude and comments on daily life are heartwarming.

    I agree 100% with Carol!

  3. aw...you guys are making me blush. as long as you'll read, I'll write.