Sunday, January 1, 2012

first day of the year (lyn)

Spend most of the day untangling the mess created when I try to migrate my contacts and calendars from mobile me to icloud.  I’m missing information. I have duplicates everywhere. And worst of all, Apple support is closed for the holiday.  I eat only a chocolate-filled croissant and potato latke and applesauce.  I am too stressed to even think about a real meal.

I’m invited to Ellen and Peter’s house.  They are having a few people over for dinner and to watch Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  I arrive hungry and eat far too many chips before dinner is even served.  Ellen’s made chili which I rarely eat.  But it is so good, I end up having two servings, along with a perfectly seasoned salad, and rice. I have seconds of everything. 

The movie is heavy-handed and sad.  It conjures many memories of those horrid days surrounding 9-11.  All the recent movies feel ponderous and full of darkness. 

The apple pie for dessert lightens the mood. I come home and Alexander and a friend are watching the end of a football game. 

I get in bed; happy that my son is home; frustrated thinking about still having to fix my computer stuff tomorrow; and resolved to start eating smartly.  

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