Monday, January 2, 2012

bad start (lyn)

So I get up and call Apple, thinking, “Let’s just get this over with so I can get on with my life.”  Right now my iPhone, computer, iPad, and iCloud all show slightly different data.  I have my niece’s birthday appearing five times on my IPad and not once on iCloud.  I have duplicates of all events on my iPhone, calendars I’ve erased on my computer still appearing on iCloud, and deleted emails popping back into my inbox. 

I call Apple.  After ten minutes I reach Alex.  I explain the problem, and tell him (as nicely as I can) that I don’t want to repeat my saga again or try a million things that don’t work.  “Can you please just put me through to an expert who has a lot of experience with this exact problem.  I am too frustrated to do this twice.”  Poor Alex; I think he’s happy to pass me on to someone else.  “Let me get you through to someone who can help.”  I’m on hold for 22 minutes, and the music that is playing is all staticky.  Finally, Alex returns.  “Hi Lyn, sorry for the wait.  Let me put you through to John who will be able to help.”  Pause.  Pause.  “John, hello, are you there?”  John?  Hello?  John?  I’m sorry, Lyn, I guess I’ve lost John.  Let me see if I can get him back.”  Another ten minutes of staticky music.  Finally Alex returns.  “Lyn, hi, I’m sorry.  I got someone else but they were disconnected too.  There’s something wrong with our switchboard.  I’ll have to have someone call you back!”

Thirty minutes later and I am nowhere. 

It’s been a half hour and no one has called me back yet.  Ughhhhhh!  Time for breakfast and shopping with Alexander.  

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