Sunday, January 8, 2012

impromptu gathering (m)

Got an email invitation to an impromptu gathering of four families from Sam's grammar school.  We were among the only normal people in that class. 

Sunday night seemed to be the best time for everyone.  We decide to make it easy.  The host family will put out appetizers and paper goods.  The L's will bring pizza.  We will bring dessert and the fourth family was told to just show up in time....a struggle for them.

I have not seen these people in years.  Ran into one of the women at the hair salon when Lyn was in town, but we air-kissed and blew past each other in five minutes.

I wear my new LL Bean pants with nice shoes and a black cashmere cardigan with a white tank top and dangly earrings and my leopard scarf.  It is a very slenderizing outfit.

We arrive and hug and kiss and shriek at each other.  No one says anything about my weight.

We go into the huge kitchen and every counter is filled with food.  The husband, one of the world's foremost experts on terrorism, is cooking penne with vodka sauce and had just whipped up some pears baked with goat cheese and bacon.  He also made a hot bean dip for the blue corn chips and a baked ham.  He is very overweight and loves to eat and cook.  If I had married him, we'd both be dead now.

An array of gourmet cheeses whose names I've never heard of are spread out with grapes, chicken liver pate and salmon mixed with cheese.  Not the most kid-friendly array.  Thankfully, we brought cupcakes and lemon squares and a huge bowl of fresh fruit.

The L's arrive with five huge pizzas from The Upper Crust.  I am so happy because I hate their pizza.  The crust is like pita bread and breaks like glass in your mouth.  The cheese has a distinct vomit-like smell and the toppings are over the top.  I won't even be tempted.

I have some penne with vodka sauce which is incredible.  I drink about three cans of Diet Pepsi.

We go around the table catching up with the kids' lives, then the parents.

When it comes to my turn, I am asked what I've been doing with my time.  I tell them about the kids, my board work and my other projects.  I also mention that I've been working on my health.  And then it comes:

Deb-You look AMAZING!  How much weight have you lost?
Jean-I almost didn't recognize you because you look so different from when I last saw you four years ago.
Beth-Seriously, you look so much younger.  I was shocked when I saw you at the hair salon.  I didn't want to say anything because you were with your friend.

If we hadn't brought up the topic of my health, I wonder if I would have heard all these nice things. 

Some advice to those of you reading this.  If you see someone and notice they've lost weight, don't be afraid to tell them.

You'll make their day.  I guarantee it.

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