Saturday, February 27, 2010

a new follower (lyn)

I log on and see that one of the women that was at Shari’s birthday celebration the other night has become a follower of this blog.  Let me tell you a few things about J.

First, she is stunning.  Dresses and accessorizes to perfection.  Never over does it.  Is amazingly fit.  Smart.  Intense.  Married.  Has two children (one is a classmate of Alexander’s).  Is a doctor.  And delivers several babies a month (what could be better than that?). 

The night we had dinner, this is what J did during the day:

·     Had office hours until 1 or so
·     Came home, and swam for an hour
·     Returned to the hospital and made rounds
·     Came home and ran 6 miles

By comparison, that same day, this is what I did:

·     Updated things on the computer while watching The Today Show
·     Did a couple of puzzles and watched Chuggington with my two little neighbors while their mom went to the dentist
·     Read the paper and a little of my book, The Elegance of the Hedgehog
·     Answered some ads for jobs
·     Did a little work for the school benefit
·     Talked on the phone
·     Finalized air travel and researched hotels for our trip south during spring break to look at colleges
·     Marveled at the snow

Not much of a comparison.

And now J has become a follower of this blog.  I’m in awe.  

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