Wednesday, February 24, 2010

points of a pound (lyn)

Every morning I wake up and step on the scale.  Despite eating out four times this week, I’m doing well.  I’ve been thinking that this could be a big week.  I envision Robin with an astonished look on her face saying, “Congratulations, you are down two pounds.” 

But this morning, when I weigh myself at home before going to class, it seems as if someone has tampered with my scale overnight.  Are mice that smart?

I arrive at class and step on the official ww scale.  I still get Robin’s smile (she is always cheery), but instead of being down two pounds I hear, “Congratulations.  Point eight pounds.”

Okay, I know; this is still good.  Almost a pound.  It’s harder now.  I should be focused on toning and not losing.  But still.  Point anything is not as good as the whole thing.

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