Thursday, April 29, 2010

the 7 highly effective habits of a thin person (m)

I've always loved to observe people without them knowing it.  My favorite tv show growing up was Candid Camera.  My father and I would sit and laugh until our sides split.  My mother called us "the two hyenas" when we did that.

Lately, in an effort to not just shed bad behaviors (my own), I'm paying closer attention to those of the really thin people, hoping to acquire some new, healthier habits.

Recently, I targeted my sister-in-law, a former beauty queen.   She is about 5' 5" and weighs about 116 lbs. Here's what I've observed:

1. She weighs and measure her cereal AND her blueberries every day.  She's done this for years.  1/2 cup cereal, skim milk, less than 1/2 cup blueberries
2. She can eat just HALF of an English muffin, one half sandwich, one half a slice of pizza.
3. She double-layers her Spanx for extra control
4. When she buys anything, she gets the smallest possible quantity, even if it's on sale.  Last week, she went into Walgreen's and came out with ONE roll of toilet paper.  My mother was in the car, looked at the single roll and said "What...are you trying to quit?"
5. She takes forever to eat a meal.  Cuts her food into the smallest pieces and chews each bite thoroughly before she moves on to the next bite.  The first time we saw her do this, when she was dating my brother and came over for dinner, we were stunned.  The second time, we just ate at our pace, cleared the table and set dessert out while she was on the main course. 
6. She likes chocolate and good red wine.  She has a little of both every day.  She can make a piece of Dove last 2 minutes (you bite a little at a time versus pop the whole piece in your mouth).  She alternates a sip of wine with a sip of water.  Takes twice as long that way.
7.She gets a full night's beauty rest.  Goes to bed by 9:30/10 and wakes up at 5:30/6 a.m.

The question is, which of these habits will I incorporate into my daily routine?  So far, the only thing that I could see me doing is getting a little more sleep and upgrading from Hersheys to Dove...oh, and maybe buying less in bulk at Costco.  My garage will look more spacious at least.

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