Wednesday, April 28, 2010

and I reach a goal too (lyn)

Census training has prevented me from eating regularly, and in fact, I’ve been eating less, as I don’t really have time for much of a dinner. 

I arrive at WeightWatchers and decide, today is the day.  I’m declaring myself at goal.  I step on the scale and Robyn smiles broadly.  “Two pounds,” she almost shouts.  She looks as happy as I am feeling.  Today I weigh in at 122.8 pounds, or 37.2 pounds less than 32 weeks ago

Steve calls me up to the front of the class and yes, I am beaming.  I feel thin and healthy and good.  I know that maintaining this weight won’t be as much fun as losing it, but I am thrilled to be where I am.

I wish I could celebrate over a good burger and fries with Alexander at PJ Clarke’s.  But no, tonight instead I listen to a three hour lecture by my FOS on NARFU’s, D-308’s, EQ’s and more.  I learn what to do if I call on a “home” and there is a “recreational vehicle parked in the driveway where someone is living.”   While I’m trying to picture this happening on East 77th Street, our instructor (who is totally humorless) informs the class that this scenario “rarely happens in Manhattan.”  But now I’m prepared just in case it does.  Census Training is so much fun. 

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