Monday, April 26, 2010

mitchell's sister (m)

Mitchell is a coach at the rink.  He is uber thin, eats next to nothing, and wears dark-colored, simple cut Prada clothing.  When he diets for televised events, he eats Tic-Tacs for lunch.

His sister sometimes comes to the big competitions to watch Mitchell's students.  She also coaches, but in another state.  I met her last year and was surprised that, unlike her brother, she is quite large.  The only thing they have in common besides coaching this sport is that they both are stylish.  D, the sister, was wearing head to toe Burberry which puzzled me greatly because I didn't think they made clothes in that size. Trust me, I would know. 

The last time I saw D was in August, at the big summer competition on the Cape.  She complimented Harrison's progress and said she loved my Tod's shoulder bag (G-bag Easy Sacca Grande in white with brown straps).  She looked even bigger than the first time I met her.

Today, I went into the rink and sat at a table to do my bills.  A woman at the next table smiled and said "hello".  I smiled back.  She looked familiar.  I did a double-take.  It was D...minus 60 pounds!

She noticed my weight loss, too.  We gave each other some tips and lots of encouragement.

I can't wait to see her progress by August.  This is incentive for me to keep up with her.

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