Sunday, April 25, 2010

dinner with v and chuck--part two (m)

Where do I begin to describe my friend, V?  She is an Original.  Like no one I've ever met.  Brilliant, witty, erudite.   She is attractive, thin and has a neck like Audrey Hepburn which she showcases with her pixie hair cut.

One of the best things I like about V is that she and I share a concept about personal space.  We both operate with a 2 foot "invisible fence" around us.  Despite the fact we are of Italian descent, we do not like to hug or be hugged.  

Right before I gave birth to Sam, V came to visit me at home.  When she stood up to go, we looked at each other.  We both knew that the next time we'd see each other our lives would be different.  I would be a mother.  She was taking a major step in a relationship.  We compromised on an "air hug" when we said goodbye.

I see V about 5 times per year.  I most recently saw her at Harrison's ice show.  She did not comment on my weight loss, but I was in a full-length down coat with a turtleneck and scarf that evening.

On Friday, I picked her up for dinner with Chuck.  My choice of wardrobe was influenced by what the woman on the board of the medical school said to me the day before.  You remember:  "I used to dress like you."  I scoured my closet for something less loose.  I found a new fitted shirt which I wore with slacks and a turquoise necklace.  I felt a little "exposed" but I did it.

Got out of the car at Chuck's house and he was standing in the driveway.  I went over to hug him (Hey, he came back from the dead...I will make an exception for that).  Just then, I heard V gasp: " look amazing!  I haven't seen you without a jacket or sweater or coat in years!  I just want to give you a hug!!" 

Either my weight loss is becoming noticeable or the Apocalypse is right around the corner.

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