Monday, April 26, 2010

a good day (m)

The first time I wore my Spanx underpants was at an aunt's funeral.  They were so tight, it took two full minutes of wrestling with the contraption to get them on.  I felt as though I had a bad case of asthma as I couldn't breathe properly.  As I sat in the church, the damned thing rolled down, creating a second stomach.  Not comfortable ....definitely not attractive.

Only after I lost about 25 pounds did I dare wear them again. They were tight--which I suppose they must be to do the job-- and they didn't fall down.  I remember being very happy that day.

Today, I wore my Spanx to a meeting and noticed, by the third slide of my presentation, that they now are too big.

This is how I've come to define a good day.

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