Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a dose of reality (lyn)

My first meeting with Alexander’s college counselor (Beth) is today.  I arrive early, so I pick up some coffee for us at the Dunkin Donuts near the school.  The little cup full of assorted donut holes looks too good to pass on, so I buy that too.

I’m impressed with my new will power.  I present the coffee and donuts to Beth, and I am not even tempted when she offers me one.  I think I may be a little anxious too.

Beth is lovely.  Warm, experienced, knowledgeable, and realistic.  She doesn’t sugarcoat.  Getting into top schools is harder than it’s ever been, and highly unpredictable.  Great grades and great board scores are no guarantee.  It could be that the school you want most needs more student fencers. Or more German majors to boost their language department.  Or even more Montanans.  Alexander has good grades and fabulous ACT scores.  He’s chosen a rigorous schedule at one of the toughest (and best) schools in the country.  I know he could do well anywhere.  But the big question will be:  how does he measure up to his classmates who will also be looking at the same top schools?  It’s a very competitive environment.  I just hope he can enjoy his last year of high school.

There are many wonderful schools, and I have no doubt that my son will get into one of them.  I just want what every mother wants, for him to be happy.  It’s too bad that the process has to be such an arduous one.  And one oozing with so much emotion.

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