Sunday, April 25, 2010

weekend review (m)

Weekend was crazy busy with the boys' activities.  Got up early on Saturday to take Harrison to school at 8 a.m. for "paste up".  This is where the newspaper takes form and he is an editor.  After 2 1/2 hours, he ran across the street to the boathouse for his crew race.  I went home, meanwhile, to pack for a trip to New York for Sam's doubleheader and the baseball team dinner/awards ceremony.  Went back to Cambridge just in time for H's race.  Stood on the riverbank and cheered him on.  Even without binoculars, I could see him shoot me a dirty look because I was "the loudest parent there."

After the race, my husband and I ran to the car and headed to New York.  Four hours straight through in record time.  Ate a 3-point thin bread turkey and mustard sandwich and drank a bottle of Diet Snapple (I like the raspberry one).  Dessert was a 1-point WW chocolate mint made by Russell Stover/Whitmans.  Excellent.  Better than a York chocolate covered mint.  They sell them in grocery stores and drug stores.

Got to the game and schlepped up the hill with my Coleman chair from Costco.  It even has its own table and cupholder.  Very official.  We missed the first game and got there midway through the second.  Apparently, our absence brought Sam luck as he hit two home runs in the first game.  Thought about not going to the rest of his games since he did so well without us. Just kidding, Sam.  The parents put on a spread for lunch.  Heard the nuts were great.  Here's the recipe:

-walnuts, almonds, cashews--roast in the oven for 30 minutes at 350
-mix olive oil, rosemary, cayenne pepper and kosher salt in a bowl (not too much oil, just enough for a light coating)
-add nuts to the bowl
-add Craisins

The parents were raving about these.  I had to pass them up since we had to go to the dinner and I was saving points.  By the way, the mother who made this grows her own cranberries. 

After the game, we went back to Sam's dorm to change into nice clothes for the banquet.  The room is extremely small and stuffed with furniture and hockey/baseball equipment.  One person could barely turn around in there, yet there were three of us.  I think I would have had more room if I had changed in the car.

One hour cocktail party.  One whole hour of chit chat which I hate.  No food.  One whole hour of nursing a club soda.  It was a cash bar and it cost me $2.00 for that club soda and I was determined not to pay for another one.  By 7:30, I was dizzy with hunger. 

The buffet table looked to me like one of those mirages in the dessert.  Food, steaming up from under their silver domes.  I couldn't wait.

Just then, one of the parents--a writer for ESPN--introduces the keynote speaker.  The President of the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Now?  Now?  Before dinner?  Who planned this? What non-food-involved-thin- person planned this?  I took the pitcher of water that was just placed upon the table and drank 4 glasses and chewed the ice.  Thirty minutes later, we were summoned to eat.

Had grilled chicken, salad, skipped the roll and butter. Wanted the fish but it was stuffed with scallops which I'm allergic to, got some beef (prime rib) but it was so rare even I couldn't eat it (noticed Sam didn't eat his either).  Got some steamed mixed vegetables, skipped the roasted potatoes.  Was feeling virtuous until I saw something.  Rigatoni.  Sorry, I can resist a whole desert table, but not a good rigatoni.  I put 4 on my plate.  Odd...they were stuffed with cheese!  Never knew you could do that.  Sat there wondering how they got the ricotta in the little rigatoni.  A pastry filler?  They were good, not great, which limited the potential damage.

Dessert was strawberry shortcake.  Had one tablespoon and called it a night.

Woke up Sunday at 6. Headed back to Boston.  Stopped at McDonald's for a cup of tea so I would stay awake (my turn to drive).  Took 3 people and 6 minutes to get the tea order right (large hot tea, skim milk, one Splenda.  What is so hard about this?)  I screamed at them "I JUST WANT A SIMPLE CUP OF TEA!! DO YOU THINK YOU CAN MANAGE THAT?"  Turned and looked at my husband who calmly said "Was that necessary?"

Drove 4 hours straight and got to the rink 5 minutes before Harrison went on for his big test.  He's moving up to the Junior level. This is like watching someone take an oral exam.  4 judges, Harrison and a bunch of spectators.  You could hear a pin drop.  He passed.

Got in the car, went home and ate a bowl of Progresso Light Soup (2 points, but alot of sodium...I just drain out the broth and eat the vegetables) and half a turkey sandwich.

Did some work around the house, finished a presentation for a meeting tomorrow and grilled chicken for dinner and made a salad with alot of vegetables.  Put a large serving of vegetables on my plate with 5 oz of chicken and balsamic vinegar.  Had a glass of cold water.  Just when I finally relaxed for the first time this weekend, I look up and my mother and Harrison are staring at my plate.  "Isn't that alot of food?"

I understand now why some people choose to live alone.

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