Monday, December 26, 2011

another bad movie (lyn)

I have a big chicken potpie that needs to get eaten.  Alexander will have none of it.  I suggest dinner and a movie to Robyn; she suggests we do it at her friend Mark’s house.  “He has a 60 inch TV and loves to entertain.”  Perfect. 

I haven’t seen Mark since Robyn brought him over about two years ago.  He is a gracious host, and lives in Robyn’s building, next door to mine.  I heat up the chicken potpie and bring it over.  As soon as I take my coat off, Mark comments, “Wow.  You’ve lost a lot of weight since I last saw you.”  Hearing that never gets old.

Robyn has made a cabbage soup, as good as the one my mom makes.  Mark has put out an eclectic spread of chips, something that looks like guacamole but is really mashed up broccoli (and tastes great), a sun-dried tomato dip, and some Chinese food (which I skip).

I bring over a screener for the movie, Resistance.  Interest is lukewarm at best.  About a half hour into the movie another friend of Mark’s comes over.  Good excuse to pop out the DVD as Robyn and Mark are not liking the movie at all.

I come home thinking I’ll have dessert with Alexander and watch TV with him.  Instead, he’s watching football and has no interest in anything else.  I eat three mini-cupcakes and promise myself that tomorrow I will eat much less.

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