Friday, December 9, 2011

new running shoes (lyn)

My new excuse for not walking as much as I should is that I have no shoes.  A few weeks ago a friend suggests a pair of running shoes she loves, Saucony Grid Excursion TR6.  I buy them on Zappos and send my old shoes to my parents, so when I am on the Cape, I have running shoes there.

I walk in my new shoes twice and the balls of my feet are on fire.  I call Zappos and they agree to take them back, even though ’ve walked in them and no longer have the box they came in.   I love Zappos.

But now I have no shoes.  Today I’m walking by a little store called JackRabbit, a running store I have never seen before.  The store is small, and still, they are well-stocked with a treadmill in the front.  The two young salesmen are knowledgeable and adorable and look to be in their early 20’s. 

We talk and I tell them that until recently, I’ve always gotten Saucony Hurricane.  They have no Saucony in the store because Saucony is revamping its shoe and the new one (more geared to true runners, not walkers, like me) won’t be out until January, and Saucony isn’t shipping anything until then.  But when I tell my sales guy Rayner my size, he says, " Hold on.  I think I have one left that we don’t even keep out.  Let me check.”  He goes in the back and comes out with their very last Saucony Hurricane-13.

It feels so good.  I love this shoe. 

Me: Since it’s your last shoe, can I have anything off?
Rayner: Well, we can give you 10% off.
Me: How much off would I get when the new ones come in?
Rayner: 30%.

I love Rayner’s honesty.  I decide to buy the shoe.  As I’m checking out, I say to him, “So did you just graduate college?”  He smiles and thanks me and then adds, “OK, 15% off, but no more.”  I wasn't even trying.

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