Saturday, December 31, 2011

the other side of the family (m)

My husband's family is small...and quiet.  We see each other about twice per year.  It's usually in a restaurant and linked to some occasion.  Other than that, I think we've been to his older brother's house once in the past 5 years and his younger brother's house once in two years.

The family has a long lineage in New England.  A famous ancestor who was best friends with Daniel Webster and served in the United States Senate.  But all that is not visible to the eye.  What I see is a small family that needs to work harder at staying together. 

So, I invited them to dinner on Tuesday night.  There was to have been 9 people, including the four of us.  However, at the last minute, one sister-in-law cancelled because of the flu.  The oldest brother's step-daughter couldn't make it, either, because of work.  That left 7 of us. 

We served three appetizers and grilled tenderloin and chicken breasts along with green beans, baked potatoes and spinach and salad.  Everything in moderation, including the quantities.

I asked Harrison what he thought would be appropriate for dessert: "Apple pie and vanilla ice cream," he said.

I heated up the pie and went to get it with a potholder.  The pan was so hot, I dropped the entire pie upside down all over the floor.

My brothers-in-law rushed in to help and said, "That's fine...we'll just think of it as apple crumbler."

They ate it.

Could this group be any lower maintenance?

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