Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas with friends (lyn)

I invite some friends over to watch movies, eat junk food, and hang around in comfortable clothes.  It’s a nice way to spend Christmas among people who don’t celebrate it.  It’s a small group—Ellen and her husband Peter along with Ellen’s 93-year old mother who looks and acts years younger, Robyn, Carol, and Jill.  We watch Meryl Streep in Iron Lady, and as usual, she totally captures the essence of the character she is playing, in this case, Margaret Thatcher.  We watch in silence, while mindlessly eating chocolate candy, cookies, peanuts, cupcakes and popcorn.

Around 7, we break for a dinner of salad and pizza.  Ellen’s mom and Jill go home, and the remaining five of us meet back around nine for round two:  Beginners. Halfway into the movie, Ellen sums it up this way, “I am so sick of Indy drek.”  Robyn and Carol sum it up another way.

The movies we watch are dull, the food is unhealthy, and my truffles go uneaten.  But still, it’s a lovely Christmas Day.

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