Thursday, December 1, 2011

dinner on the run (lyn)

I am meeting Shari to see a screening of Woody Harrelson’s new film, Rampart.  I’m in Union Square, so I go to Whole Foods for dinner.  There are lots of options in this very relevant store.  I choose the $7.99 chicken dinner, which includes two sides:  roasted potatoes and roasted vegetables.  Remembering the doctor’s visit, I ask the server to half my potato side and increase the vegetables.  He does.  I take my meal upstairs to the eco-friendly dining area.  When I’m done, I find three options for discarding the remains.  I pour out my sparkling water and place the empty bottle in the Clean Bottle and Cans Only slot.  My chicken bones go in the Compost: Food, Napkins, Paper Cups, Salad Bar Containers opening.  The slit for Plastic Forks, Spoons and Knives Only receives my utensils.  But where do I put my plate and lid for my hot food entrée (which is not the same as the salad bar container)?  I ponder this for too long.  Finally, I toss it in Compost and hope I made the right decision. 

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