Friday, December 2, 2011

a big, healthy, amazing gift (lyn)

Gail and I were at Weight Watchers on Wednesday when she was talking to Steve about her wok-cooking.  Her description of the healthy foods she makes in it made me again consider purchasing one.  Before I had time to give it much thought, Gail says, “Okay, I’m buying you one.  I have the Le Creuset one and it’s perfect.  You need to have one too; which color do you want?”  I resisted.  Really, I did.  But she was generously persistent and refused to accept my refusal, and so in the end I gave in.

To prepare myself for the wok’s arrival, I buy an array of ingredients at Whole Foods. I find the perfect person in the perfect store:  a multi-shelved Asian section, replete with a salesgirl who is a wok-cooking-expert.  She recommends and I purchase: 
  • Whole Food’s Grapeseed Oil (“No need to buy the name brands as this is just as good, and, it doesn’t heat up as fast as the peanut or sesame oils will.”)
  • Hoisin Sauce
  • Soy Sauce by San-J (it’s organic and gluten free and “better than the more common Kikkoman.”)
  • Soy Ginger Sauce by Whole Foods (“One of my favorites,” she says.)
  • Thai Peanut, gluten free by San-J (”I love this one too,” I'm advised.)
  • Spectrum’s Organic Sesame Oil in a small bottle (“You don’t need to cook with this, but it’s great as a finisher; just buy the small bottle.”)
Today the wok arrives. My initial resistance to buying one has always been storage. But this wok is beautiful.  I'll keep it on my stove top.   Gail has also included an exquisite matching flame-colored trivet and bamboo utensils. 

Last May, Alexander cooked me a special dinner for my birthday in March.  It was a stir fry he improvised from a recipe his grandmother makes.  We didn't have a wok then.  We do now.  Now he can make the real thing.  Alexander will love this gift too.  

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