Saturday, December 10, 2011

what should I bring? (lyn)

I am invited to a party tonight, and since I don’t cook and have zero knowledge of wine, I never know what to bring.  But when I received an invitation a few weeks ago to a dinner party, I thought, squash apple soup, that’s what I’ll bring.

Tonight is the party.  One of the book club women, who recently moved into the building next door, is hosting the dinner with her husband.  I really like Ruth and Rich and hope over time we become ever friendlier. 

I get home from my crazy movie/shopping day with Robyn much later than I’d planned.  I was doing fine until we hit our last stop, Uniqlo.  Had I remained hanging out near the entrance, and had Robyn not called me ("Can you just come back here and take a look at a few coats I want to try on?   I'm in the Jil Sander section."), I would have left empty-handed.  Instead, we spend over an hour trying on coats.  I ultimately buy a short, sophisticated black jacket with 3/4 length sleeves by Jil Sander.  It looks at least four times its price.  

It’s 5:30 when I enter my apartment and I still have to make the soup.  I have all the ingredients but little time.  While the soup is simmering, I quickly shower, wash my hair, blow it out, put on a  black pair of skinny jeans, a black fitted sweater with a white T underneath, and black boots.  I return some calls, answer some emails, look at my neighbor’s Christmas tree, and am out the door, on time.  I’d feel more glamorous in my new chic coat if I weren’t carrying a big yellow stockpot of soup.

The party is great…nice people, beautiful setting, animated conversations, and tons of food.  Ruth and Rich’s shrimp creole and baked chicken are excellent, and I completely overdo it on the many desserts.

The short walk home is easier than the trip over; I am not carrying a 10-pound stockpot, just an empty one.  The soup was a success.

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