Saturday, December 31, 2011

many happy returns (m)

Spent an entire day returning things to stores.  First stop: Nordstrom's where I returned a pair of white Ugg's slippers I bought myself when Lyn was in town before Thanksgiving.  I don't really need them and they cost $110 so I got a full credit.  Then, over to leather goods/handbags where I returned a Rebecca Minkoff wallet which I also didn't need ($135) and also bought in the presence of a friend when idly shopping.  This was when my friend Betsy stayed with me during the storm and we were trolling for things to do. Feeling flush, I went to cosmetics and exchanged a Giorgio Armani lipstick in red for a more flattering pink shade.  Easy.  This store is the best.  Just wished they had Bloomingdales' selections or that Bloomingdales had their customer service orientation.

On to Lululemon where I returned H's sweatshirt and got a full credit. Reimibursed $100. Next stop: City Sports for an exchange for workout wear for Harrison. Got a $4 credit net of the exchange.

And, finally, Staples.  Returned the second Kindle booklight, the second iPad cover and some other things.  Total reimbursement: $150.

Wouldn't it be nice, if, after a meal we could return the foods we ate and never gain weight?

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