Saturday, December 31, 2011

last day of the year (lyn)

Alexander sleeps away the day, finally arising around 3.  While he sleeps, I do a grocery run, stop by the cleaners and wait while the owner sews up a T shirt, activate and sync my new iPhone 4-S (not without a few minor glitches), put on its new screen protector (a Moshi iVisor, fantastic), make thousands of little chocolate chip cookies, re-discover the joys of a silpat, and have a tiny lunch of a small-100-calorie bagel and white fish.  I have no doubt that however little I eat today will be made up for tonight.

Alexander arises and wants to know what we have to eat.  I have ¾ pound of prepared vodka pasta that I bought at Agata and never ate.  He has that and is still hungry.  He goes out and comes back with a big slice of pizza, and then decides that he’d like to make dinner.  I discourage him, as my kitchen is now clean, and a few friends are coming over to watch a movie.   He goes back to Agata and returns with sushi for both of us.

A few people stop by to watch HUGO.  We eat tons of junk: three varieties of candy, popcorn, homemade and store bought cookies, and brownies made by Robyn. The movie is sweet and everyone is gone before midnight. 

I was never a big party-er, always preferring small groups to large ones.  So ending the year by both going to, and hosting, tiny get togethers, is exactly my preference for entertainment. I am surrounded by good friends, and never take for granted how lucky I am to have so many people in my life that I genuinely adore.

I hope the new year is a happy one for everyone….with goals met, health maintained, passion found, and dreams realized.  Just before the ball drops, M and I speak and together, welcome in 2012.  

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