Friday, December 23, 2011

why I hate bloomingdale's (m)

I hate when someone or something pretends to be something they are not.  Take Bloomingdale's, for instance.

I buy an expensive perfume from them.  Over the summer, I notice that my perfume seems to be leaking as there is oil on my dresser table.  I check for cracks in the glass bottle.   Can't see or feel anything.  I also notice that the level of perfume seems to be going down faster than I would have guessed. Could my cleaning ladies be spritzing themselves with this stuff?  I don't see Soir de Lune as their style.  Maybe one of the floral ones, but not this.

In November, when Lyn came to town before Thanksgiving, we go to Bloomingdale's.  At the fragrance counter for Sisley, I explain to Dana the saleswoman, that my perfume bottle is oozing fragrance.  She nods and smiles and says, "Same thing happened to me."  I ask what I'm supposed to do.  She takes down my name and number and says she'll get back to me with a solution.  She never does.

Yesterday, I call Bloomingdale's for something else and ask to speak to the fragrance lady at the Sisley counter.  She remembers me.  She says she talked to someone, they are aware of the problem, but can't do anything about it.  So, I ask, "I just have to put up with this?"  "I'm afraid so," she says.

I call Customer Service.  "Oh, dear," says the representative in a genuinely sincere manner.  "Let me check on that and get back to you by noon."  The day comes and goes and she never calls.

Today, I order an e-gift certificate for someone.  It takes 20 minutes to do this as their system keeps rejecting the order when I click "Add to basket."  It keeps saying, "You must pick a size and color."  I chose the style and dollar amount but it keeps saying to pick a size and color.  There is no number to call and talk to a human. Somehow, after ten attempts, it takes the order.

Or appears to.

Just a few minutes ago, which is some four hours after I placed the order, I get an email from Bloomingdale's saying they could not process the order and for me to call tomorrow and talk to a representative.  No phone number was given.

I hate them.

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