Wednesday, December 28, 2011

some great news (lyn)

I go to Weight Watchers with Gail, but skip the official weigh-in, knowing that I’m higher than I like (123.2, according to my scale).  After class, I pick up some ingredients for chocolate chip cookies, using Alexander as my excuse (even though he’s told me he doesn’t want sweets in the house).

I get home and try to acclimate myself to the new Lion Operating system that I downloaded yesterday. I am still getting used to it.  I love the changes in Mail, but am disappointed by the tacky new faux leather trim on iCal; this clearly is missing Mr. Job's aesthetic touch.  I’m meeting Robyn this afternoon to see a Broadway matinee called Relatively Speaking.  I’m running late when the phone rings.  It’s my old-boss-now-friend Caroline (who is President of a web-based company).  She has a new product and she wants me to develop it…determine its market potential, assess the competition, and see if it can be a viable business.  I’d be excited about this prospect even if I weren’t desperate to work.  We still need to work out details, but it looks like I could start sometime in January.  I am nervous (what if I’m not successful?), thrilled (what if I am successful?), and very very happy.

I meet Robyn and tell her the good news; she seems as happy as I am.  We are sitting in the worst possible seats, last row of the upper mezzanine in the far right corner.  But for $4, it’s definitely worth it.  And besides, I’m sitting on such nice news, my actual seat could be anywhere.

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