Wednesday, December 14, 2011

happy to schedule; happier to cancel (lyn)

Maybe it’s age, or maybe it’s overbooking, but whatever it is, I love having plans, but even better, I like when the plans fall through.

Last night, for example, was the BAFTA holiday party.  I remember going last year on a freezing cold night, arriving, staying less than an hour, and coming home.  I was expecting the same this year, although in warmer weather.  Instead, I stay home, eat pasta, and nurse a very itchy rash on my right wrist.  Hives, I think.  And that's the reason I give for not going.

Tonight, I am supposed to see a screening of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close with Zelia, Corinne, and Shari.  But then today I receive the DVD. And, my itchy right wrist is now twice the size of my left one.   I send an email out asking everyone if they would rather go to the theater tonight, or see the movie at my place another time.

Corinne responds first with, “I would rather watch it at your home.”  Shari calls; she’s happy with the decision to stay in.  Then Zelia weighs in with a short, to the point email, “”Thank God!”  

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