Thursday, December 22, 2011

special delivery (m)

Maybe you've seen the video of the Fedex guy dumping a package over a gate at the entrance of a grand home.  It's gone viral and is hard to miss. 

I have my own version going on at my home.

Between UPS and J.Crew, I'm headed for an insane asylum.  First, J Crew screws up my order big time.  I placed an order for the boys from my iPad that Sunday morning I was in Saratoga Springs.  They were running a 25% off sale with free shipping.  Sounds good, no?  The order arrives the next week and it's all wrong.  I got one item of mine and 4 for this girl in Connecticut (who may have gotten my sons' things).  Diana from J Crew is all apologetic and tells me she will sort things out. She tells me to mail the package back, including my one thing for Sam, and then re-order everything again.  I do...and the thing I re-order for Sam is out of stock at this point.

Next, my UPS guy leaves our packages in random places.  It's like some bizarre Easter egg hunt. Some days it's at the top of the driveway by the stone pillar; yesterday it was by the flagpole; today it was halfway up the driveway on the opposite side, near my neighbor's tree....and soaked.  Suede chukka boots for H.  Stained.  I call J Crew and they tell me to re-order the boots and send those back.  I feel like I'm working for them at this point.

Today, T comes into the house with a special delivery package for me.  I feel like the priest in The Exorcist when I see a package now.  I want to get out a crucifix and ward it away from me.

I look at the return address.  It's from Layfayette 143 in New York...the company that messed up my order in April when I ordered a suit in a smaller size for my big presentation to the medical school.  Remember they gave me a new suit for free since they shipped me the suit two weeks after the presentation?

I do a quick accounting.  What did I order from them now?  I don't remember anything.  My brain goes blank.  Whatever it is, it's probably wrong.  I open the box.  It's a beautiful black and grey wool challis scarf.  Did I order this?  I can't remember.  I think I would have remembered.  Wait...there's a card.  It's from the company HR person  wishing me a Happy Holiday and hoping that I harbor no ill feelings towards them.

Are you kidding me? 

No hard feelings?  The scarf fits perfectly, isn't water-stained, doesn't need to be returned.  It's perfect.

Christmas may not be so bad after all.

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