Saturday, December 3, 2011

from chump to champ (m)

Harrison's coaches recently discovered an inspirational speaker (not "motivational" as he insists..."that has to come from within you!") to help parents raise high-performing athletes in a positive, productive manner.

Today, my husband and I--along with about 25 other parents--attend a 4-hour workshop to learn how to turn our good intentions into good parenting.  As if reading our minds, the speaker tells us that whether our kids are in the sport for only another year or two, the skills we will learn here will help us for the rest of our lives.

We go through a 20-page workbook.  One exercise in particular catches my eye---how to re-program negative thoughts into positive action.   The speaker asks us to do the exercise ourselves: think of one negative thought that is limiting our ability to be our best.  I write "I will never be thin."  I look over at my husband's book.  He writes, "I don't like to talk on the phone."  I glower at him and tell him to "think big."  He writes "When meeting new people, I don't feel comfortable until they get to know me."  Okay, bigger.

I stare at what I've written and feel a wave of desperation.  Negative thoughts flood my brain.  I've been overweight almost my entire life.  My knees get in the way of exercise.  I lost the genetic lottery, and so on.

The speaker, Dave, then tells us to write something positive and in the present tense that will help break this cycle of doom.

Got any suggestions?

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  1. Anonymous12:57 PM EST

    How about: "I'm a compassionate friend,great wife, mom and family member, exceptionally talented, have lost XX pounds through sheer grit and determination...and will continue to do what I need to be healthy."

    That should work as the new mantra!