Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a simple tale of good customer service (lyn)

Yesterday when Robyn and I were making our wok dinner, I took out my bunny ear salt and pepper grinders.  I only use these when cooking, and over time, the outsides have become quite sticky.  Robyn comments.  “You are one of the cleanest people I know, but these are filthy.”  She’s right.  I sponge the outside, but this does nothing.  A more serious cleaning is needed.

So today I take the grinders out and empty each of their contents.  I then fill them both with sudsy warm water.  I use a sponge inside and out. They still look dirty.  And, there are little peppercorns stuck in one that I can’t get out.  I go online to see if I can find the best way to clean these grinders.  I even call the company, Chef’N, and get a recording. I leave a message with no expectation of a call back.

In the meantime, I search more online and finally see something about cleaning these little bunny grinders.  It says,

Can I clean my grinder?
We do not recommend cleaning our grinders with any type of liquid. Liquid may damage the grinding rasp …There are a few areas of our grinders that may accumulate pepper or salt dust after a long period of use. Regretfully this area cannot be cleaned.

Damn.  And I loved these little things.  I put them on my counter to be thrown out.

A short time later my phone rings; it’s Tiffany from Chef’N.  She’s one of those rare customer service reps who actually sounds helpful.  I relay my little saga and end with, “So before I knew that I wasn't supposed to wash the grinders, I did.  I guess they’re ruined now.”  I expect Tiffany to be empathetic and tell me about the company's new and improved salt and pepperballs.  She doesn’t.  Instead she says, “I’m sorry to hear about your problem, but did you know that your salt and pepper grinders are are under a lifetime guarantee?  Just send us a photo and we’ll send you new ones.”  So I do.

I wish Tiffany could train the Customer Service group at my cable company.  They could learn a lot from her.

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