Saturday, December 17, 2011

scott (lyn)

I first met Scott when we were freshman in college, back in 1970.  Over the years, we’ve remained friends, although we see each other infrequently.  The last time we got together was in August of 2007, when I was well on my way to be being heavy, and Scott was in town on business. 

Over the years, I’ve known many of Scott’s girlfriends and liked them all.  One, I even introduced him to.  Similarly, Scott has lived through many of my romances.  We’ve skied together in Colorado, Vermont, Maine and Italy, even spending one school break as bartender and waitress at a little place in Stratton called the Fundadoor. We’ve surfed (well, he's surfed and I watched) in the Atlantic.  We’ve snorkeled in Mexico and played in California.  We’ve flown (as in, Scott piloting) to Shelter Island for a weekend and Provincetown for a quick dinner.  We’ve shared books and movies and too many great times to recall.  Some of my best and funniest memories are with him.  When we do speak, we leave out the mundane and go right to the heart of our lives. I consider him a close friend.

Scott is gentle, interesting, kind, adventurous and fun.  He is now married and has three kids.  Tonight they are in New York and we all get together.

Scott has gotten tickets to see Garrison Keillor’s live radio broadcast, A Prairie Home Companion. The show is charming.  The guests are eclectic and include both Itzhak Perlman and Joel Grey.  The show features story-telling, a two-person duo whose performance combines elements of Appalachian and Bluegrass music, and a trio of talented singing sisters.  It’s a happy, offbeat, two-hour show, and one that we all totally enjoy. 

Afterwards, nine of us have dinner at a Greek restaurant called Uncle Nick’s.  The food is plentiful and excellent.  Pita bread with all sorts of dips.  A big Greek salad.  Lamb shish kabob.  Rice.  Wine.  Baklava.  Coffee.  At one point in the conversation I mention something about Weight Watchers and Scott asks, “How would you know anything about that?  You’ve always been thin.”  Good that his eyes deceived him last time we got together. 

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