Friday, December 16, 2011

college boy arrives home (lyn)

Alexander's finals ended on Monday.  But then there was that last minute paper that got done seconds before it was due on Tuesday.  And then there was the econ final that my son managed to get pushed back a few days.  Alexander wanted to stay on campus until today so he could spend all day Wednesday and all day Thursday fulfilling a community service requirement.  He stays the extra days but somehow the community service work doesn't  get done.  There is a 10 am bus, but that is too early.  The noon bus comes and goes as my son recovers from a final night of partying. So the four pm bus should work, but hey, he still needs to pack and find his bus ticket. Finally, at 6pm, Alexander boards the final bus, and arrives home at 11:30.

After a kiss hello, Alexander “needs to download some pictures” and “text a couple of people.”  He sees a box of candy that someone called The Hanukkah Bunny dropped off earlier (I’m pretty sure it was Gail, as the doorman described the person who left the package as "tall, striking, blond, and in a white fur coat.”).  “Can I have one?” Alexander asks.  I’m in bed, and say, “Sure.”  He brings in the box of champagne-filled truffles from Teuscher.  “These are amazing,” he says after one bite.  “Can I have another?”  “Sure.”  And so we sit, me in bed, him across from me, dining on chocolates and catching up on college life.  I love his being home.

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