Monday, December 26, 2011

mission unaccomplished (lyn)

A few days ago I get a flyer in the mail from Saks. 

8AM to Noon
Monday, December 26
65% to 70% OFF original prices

Perfect, I think.  I just got a pair of booties and a Rick Owens skirt at 40% off.  I bet I can take them back and get an even deeper discount.

Despite going to bed at 1:30 this morning, I drag myself out of bed, skip breakfast (which I can well afford to do after the past few days), and am out the door on my way to Saks by 8:30.  The streets are empty.  I can even cross Park against the light.

I get to Saks and the ground floor is empty.  This is great.  Maybe I’m the only one who got the flyer.  I go to the 3rd floor to see if I can get a better discount on the Rick Owens skirt.  I’m told I can’t.  I am not in an arguing mood.  I take the elevator to the eighth floor shoe department, famously known for having its own zip code.  The elevator is packed.  We all stand shoulder to shoulder.  The doors open on 8.  Two guards are standing there.  No one is allowed off the elevator.  Apparently there are too many people in the shoe department and no more are allowed.  I can see hordes of people.  It’s a madhouse and I’m happy to skip the frenzy.

I am dizzy from not eating, but happy to leave with my hands empty of new purchases.  I’m home by ten.

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