Friday, December 23, 2011

why I hate the post office (lyn)

After reading M’s posts, I feel compelled to add one of my own. 

I am returning a monogrammed blanket (yes, I know, why would anyone take back a monogrammed blanket, but I hope this company will; I don’t ask them in advance…too risky.).  I go to the Post Office.  It’s Christmas time.  I wait in a long line and am finally called to a window.  (By a surly woman who keeps a sign in front of her that reads, “Don’t step up until you are called.”).  My package is all ready to go.  I am sending it Priority Mail and want delivery confirmation.  This requires completion of a form.  

Me:  Do I put my address or the address of the company I’m sending it to on the form?

Mean Post Office Person (MPOP):  You put down the address of the person it’s going to.  (I start to write in the address).  Ma’am, you’ll have to step out of line and complete the form over there ( she points to an area across the floor from where she is).  When you are finished, you can go to the front of the line.

Me:  By the time you weigh the package and tell me what I owe, I’ll be done writing in the address.

MPOP: (with voice slightly elevated):  Ma’am, PLEASE step away from the window to complete this form.

Exasperated, but not wanting to make a scene, I walk away from the window and write in the address.  (It takes about 15 seconds, if that).   I return to the same window and hand the MPOP my package and the delivery confirmation form.

She weighs the package, puts the appropriate amount of stamps on it, and then tears the confirmation form in half…she sticks half the form on the package; the other half she hands back to me.   I get the half with the address I just completed on it.  

No wonder the Post Office is losing money.  The people there are mean.

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