Saturday, December 31, 2011

a squirrel to thank (m)

Woke up and the lemon bars from Whole Foods were calling me.  I thought I could just shave off a sliver and have it with my green tea for breakfast.  I put the extra dessert in boxes and placed them on our screened in porch.  When I got there, the box was ravaged.  I thought my husband had gotten into the box and left it half opened.

Then, while I was standing in my porch, dressed only in a nightgown and down vest (such a vision), I hear this scrambling sound. 

Yikes!  I'm trapped on my porch with a live squirrel.  I thought the thing would claw my eyes out.  He was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  We both were panicked.

I ran in the house and slammed the door behind me.  Went into the laundry room to get a broom to shush him away.  Sam woke up and wanted to know what all the noise was about.  We decided the best way to get rid of the squirrel was to open the door and put some bread by the steps to lead him down the stairs to the lawn outside.

After about an hour, the squirrel figured it out.  They really are stupid.

I looked at the box of lemon squares and decided to chuck them.  Rather be safe than get rabies.

While I was disappointed I didn't get to eat the lemon square, that little guy saved me a lot of points.

If I could, I'd thank him.

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