Thursday, December 8, 2011

the day after (lyn)

I wake up and feel like I've been punched in the face.  Not by some big heavyweight, but maybe a 100-pound girl.   But the pain is dull and I haven’t swelled.  Not bad.

My only trip outside is to Agata to stock up on some easy-to-eat foods, ones that require little chewing. Foods such as:
  • 0% Fage with fruit.
  • Cooked Alla Bolognese pasta.  I rarely eat pasta but tonight I have a good excuse; it comes doctor-recommended.
  • Pureed broccoli (this will be a first).
  • Sliced nova and scallion cream cheese.
  • Thin-cut prosciutto.
  • Chocolate mousse. I haven’t bought this in probably two years, but the consistency makes it easy to eat (for one night, I’ll forget it has a million calories).
I’m set.  Stocked fridge.  The paper.  A good book.  TV. My computer.  A phone.  And even some DVD screeners of some just-released or soon-to-be released movies.  Pretty much all I need.

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