Wednesday, October 28, 2009

“trees don’t have eyes!” (lyn)

Karen, my friend and walking partner, lives down the hall from me.  She and her husband Tim are from Ireland, and plan only to be here for five years.  They have two gorgeous children, three-year-old Sam and 18-month old Rebecca.  Most mornings we have coffee together. 

It’s so great to have a next-door neighbor who is also a friend, and as an added plus, I get to spend some time each day with two beautifully energetic and smart little kids.  I love their innocence and sense of wonder.  Usually I knock on Karen's door around 9 each morning, but today being Wednesday, I have my 9:30 Weight Watchers meeting. 

I arrive early.  The woman who scolded me last week is exceedingly smiley and pleasant this morning.  I hold no grudge, but still check in with Robyn.  She smiles and says, “Very good.  You are down another 1.2 pounds.”  That’s a total of 11.8 pounds in six weeks.  I know this is good, but I was hoping for better.

Steve, our usual instructor is not leading today and a very-very-bubbly Dianne is the fill-in.  She does a good job, but after 60 minutes or so her vivaciousness becomes grating.  I’m looking forward to Steve’s return next week.

I come home and stop by Karen’s.  Becky, who barely speaks, says “Hi Lyn.”  I feel so honored that my name is part of her less-than-ten-word vocabulary.

It’s become habit that when I leave each day, Rebecca and Sam come back to my apartment and get a chocolate each.  I keep a bowl of Hershey-wrapped chocolates on my credenza and Alexander and I never eat them.  I am not even tempted.  They are primarily there for my little neighbors.

So this morning, Sam comes over and while I am getting him a chocolate I hear him say, “Trees don’t have eyes.”  I have no idea what he is referring to.  So I ask him and he points to a picture I have hanging on my wall called ‘Four Night Palms.’

I have looked at this picture many times daily for years, as has my son.  And we’ve only seen trees with hanging fruit.  But after Sam’s comment I take another look, and sure enough, he is right.  The trees do have eyes.  And perhaps I subconsciously know this, and that’s the real reason I save all the chocolates for Sam and Rebecca.

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