Friday, October 30, 2009

two-week weigh in results (m)

Missed weighing in last Friday because I was in Vermont for the New England Skating Championships with my son.

Thought about weighing in when I got back but didn't want to upset the rhythm of the Friday check-ins.

Weighed in this morning and Elaine's face nearly erupted.  I knew I had lost weight but didn't know how much.  We go through the same drill every time, she and I.  Elaine:  "Okay, so you want to know what you lost or gained (her emphasis...I know she's playing me), but you don't want to know the actual weight, correct".  Me: "Yes, Elaine....same as the last 5 weeks".  Elaine: (leans in, sotto voce) "You lost 8 pounds!"

Grand total to date: 24 pounds in 7 weeks. 

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  1. this is an overused word and I hate it, but, that's AMAZING!! Go, Kary Ann!