Sunday, May 30, 2010

no news (lyn)

Haven’t written in a few days because I have nothing to say. No major shifts in weight or eating.  No major census stories.  No new job offers, but some new online applications that will likely go unanswered.  No new epic tales.  One tedious play Friday night (a musical about a mining disaster with a bad name-The Burnt Part Boys-should have known).  A corrupted Word document that took about four hours to cut and paste into a new document (now that’s a fascinating story). Some new school-related gossip but can’t write about that.  No major exercise but thinking about it (I know that doesn’t count).  No major purchases, unless you want to count four boxes of VitaMuffins that were $2.50 off at D'Agastinos.  Oh, I did make a new raspberry dressing with the emulsifier.  Alexander thought it was a smoothie and it took two days to convince him otherwise.  


  1. How could you possibly think you would like a play with that title?

  2. actually didn't....was supposed to go Thursday and my friend and I didn't...but then on Friday another friend called and had four of us ended up going, and two ended up liking it-I wasn't part of that two.