Friday, May 28, 2010

workout #2--back in the saddle (m)

I don't remember much about gym in high school.  I'm not sure we ever really did anything.  I remember bile-colored uniforms and I remember sitting in the changing stall, killing time until I absolutely HAD to come out.

I remember the gym teacher for the girls used to flirt with the boys' gym teacher.  I think one of them was married and so it was quite the topic of conversation.

That about sums up my fitness routine until the time I got to college.

Like most students, college is a time to experiment with new things.  Abby and I tried smoking for a week but it grossed us out.  I decided to try something healthier.  Crew.

Intramural crew is a fun thing.  Practices every day for several weeks, out in the open water of the Charles River.  It was exhilirating for someone like me who--until then-- had been in a boat only once my whole life.

I rowed for 4 years and loved every minute of it.  One night, it was so cold that ice formed on the backs of our sweatshirts where the water hit us.  I remember going into the dining hall for dinner afterwards and several people commenting on how crazy we were to be out rowing so late in the season.  I didn't care.  I felt like an athlete for the first time in my life.

Yesterday, I went to PT as usual.  Merlin tells me "I talked to your trainer....she has a surprise for you today."  The surprise is that Ali wants me to try the rowing machine.  I panic thinking I won't even be able to get my butt in the seat.  In front of all these people.

She laughs (again with the laugh) and says I'll be fine.  I get in.  She explains the motion....legs first, then arms, keep your arms at this level, lean back a little...not too much...there.

I push off with my legs as instructed.

And then it all comes back to me.  I am so surprised that I remember the motion.  I take another stroke.  And another.  Ali is surprised, too.  "'ve got this form down.  It's almost as if you've rowed before."

I feel like an athlete.

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