Monday, May 31, 2010

quiet day (lyn)

Today was more a day of what I didn’t do, than of what I did do.

·    Go into the stores, which are having big sales.  Knew if I did I wouldn’t just look.
·    Go for a long walk-- too hot.
·    Take a drive to the beach-- don’t have a car, and even if I did, I don’t like traffic and Memorial Day weekend is full of it.
·    Visit a museum, though considered it for a millisecond.
·    Go to a movie --nothing playing that I really really wanted to see.
·    Go to theater; actually, never considered it, since I went twice last week and am going again this week.
·    Go to a holiday bar-b-que--wasn’t invited to any.
·    Sit by the ocean reading a book, much as I would have loved this activity.

·    Eat a VitaMufin and coffee for breakfast.
·    Finish my book, The Hedges, and began a new one, Model Home.
·    Nosh on weight-watcher friendly food (cup of grapes, bowl of popcorn, and multi-grain chips with lox) throughout the day.
·    Play Scrabble on my iPhone.
·    Catch up on month-old magazines-two People’s, three Entertainment Weekly’s, one Time Out, and one NY Magazine.
·    Order in sushi.

Looking forward to tomorrow when the city is back in play again.

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