Tuesday, June 29, 2010

blurred vision (lyn)

I lost 25% of my body weight and M’s lost about 60 pounds.  By any standard, that’s a lot.  But still, some people don’t notice. 

Here’s my theory:  It takes awhile for people to adjust their vision to what they are accustomed to seeing.

I’m lucky.  I’ve always been thin.  Well, thin until I gained an extra 35 pounds or so.  When I see people I haven’t seen in a while, and they don’t notice my weight loss, I find a way to weave into the conversation.  Sometimes, to the embarrassment of Alexander, not so subtly.  I’m at my parent’s and see someone I haven’t seen since the previous summer.  “How was your year?”  “Great.  Alexander just finished his junior year and I can’t believe we are looking at colleges.  Oh, and I lost 40 pounds!” 

People are often surprised, as in, “Wow.  I didn’t know you had 40 pounds to lose.”  Or, “Where were you hiding the extra weight?”  Or, “You look great now but I never thought of you as heavy.” 

Similarly, M often says that she’ll see someone she hasn’t seen in awhile and they don’t seem to notice.  I believe it’s because that person is still seeing her the way she was, not the way she is.  I have no doubt that M looks incredible (I even had a dream last night that I finally saw her and she was thin and fit and looked amazing). 

We lose weight because we want to, for ourselves most of all.  We notice and celebrate every point tenths of a pound lost.  It’s exciting and empowering.

The accolades we get are great, but secondary.  Especially since it takes the world a bit longer to adjust their vision.

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