Monday, June 28, 2010

snap back to reality (lyn)

Up at 5:15.  On a bus to Providence at 6:45.  Then a train to NY at 8:45.  Arrive at Penn Station at 1:30.  Home by 2.  The day is hot and muggy and no ocean in site.  Miss the Cape already, and many things about it.  So I make a couple of lists:

What I miss
·    Losing at gin to my mother
·    Having the beach be just a short golf cart ride away
·    Residing in a place where pedestrians trump cars
·    Spending uninterrupted time with Alexander
·    Being able to buy affordable lobster
·    Shopping at Maxwells (maybe that’s a good thing to not have close)
·    Driving around in my mom’s car
·    Absenting myself from television and newspapers
·    Playing with my parent’s sweet but slightly psychotic new cat, Ellie
·    Sleeping in a very cold room (the AC here is so much better than mine at home)
·    Eating a less careful diet
·    Being able to do laundry without putting coins in machines
·    Reading with an ocean view
·    Spending far less money then when I’m in NY
·    Taking daily walks with my mom and her friends
·    Being awoken by the birds every morning
·    Having family dinners
·    Avoiding my financial crisis

What I Don’t Miss
·    Not much

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