Wednesday, June 30, 2010

results of going cold turkey (lyn)

Two weeks at the Cape with no scale and no tracking. This is what I ate that is typically not on my meal plan:

·    Three small pizzas
·    Two burgers
·    Two big lobster rolls
·    Two orders of crispy fries
·    One big order of fried clams
·    A two and a half pound lobster
·    Guacamole
·    A homemade blueberry crsisp-2 large servings at one sitting
·    A half-sub for lunch almost every day
·    Stuffing (once in a chicken and once in a lobster)
·    Lamb Chops

Today I go to my Weight Watchers meeting.  It’s nice to be weighed in by Marianne, led by Steve, and trade stories (some not weight-related) with Eileen, Betsy, Shara, and the many others I like. 

I get on the scale and am elated.  I’m up only a blip… point 4 pounds from when I left town over two weeks ago.

I’m going to try not-tracking.  I like the freedom of not measuring and weighing and computing everything I eat.   I will weigh myself daily and see if that can be a substitute. 

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