Wednesday, November 25, 2009

menu preview (m)

We are going to my older brother's house for Thanksgiving.  We have been doing this for over 30 years.  The menu will not change; it never does.  It never bothered me until I was on this diet.

Here is what we will be having:

-celery stuffed with cream cheese
-powdered dates
-veggies, dip and cheese

Main course
-my niece's mashed potatoes (lots of butter and cream)
-my sister-in-law's mixed vegetable casserole (with cheese....we don't know what vegetables are in there)
-my sister-in-law's other vegetable casserole (squash, apples, corn flakes and butter)
-homemade stuffing
-corn (with butter)
-peas (with butter)
-cranberry sauce
-assorted rolls (and butter)

-5 types of pies (apple, blueberry, coconut custard, pumpkin, pecan, chocolate cream)
-birthday cake for my brother (coconut)

If I plan correctly, I can bring some of the veggies over from the appetizer section and add them to some turkey and one roll. 

Now, my Weight Watchers leader, Karen, told us to break from tradition and start new, healthy habits.  Here were some of her (and the group's) suggestions:

-play touch football (Can you see it? "C'mon, Nana, throw the football")
-take a long walk (with a torn meniscus and torn ligament)
-dress like Pilgrims and Native Americans for fun (oh sure, like iParty makes plus-sized Pocahontas outfits, and even if they did...)
-bring only healthy foods (veggies, lots of fruit).  Arrange them into a festive display (e.g. a wreath of apples)
-play games like cards
-draw up lists of what you are thankful for

Clearly, Karen never met my family.  Once they sit down to a meal, that's it for about 4 hours.  I wouldn't even dare suggest these things, even in jest.  I did offer to bring a salad, but I was told "no one wants salad".  What am I supposed to do?  Bring a salad for myself in Tupperware?

As I see it, here are my options for tomorrow:

1. stay home and pretend to be sick
2. go, but stay in their bathroom and pretend to be sick
3. go, but suck it up and not eat anything but turkey and the appetizer veggies
4. go and stuff myself until I really am sick
5. go, eat a little and do the dishes for them.

I'm leaning towards #5 but I might vary it by incorporating one of the tips from Karen.  I will dress up like a Pilgrim maiden and offer to do the dishes after I inhale my slice of turkey.  Then, we'll play Bingo.

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