Tuesday, November 24, 2009

nothing's easy (m)

This is the week I set aside to take care of me.  Odds and ends.

Started yesterday with dental work.  A cavity, if you can believe it.  I brush 5x per day, but I also have the dental DNA of a jack-0-lantern from my father's side of the family.   This is not my usual dentist, so I'm not used to these people.  Amy, the hygienist, is having a bad day and it's only 10 a.m.  First, she is hypersensitive to the mask she has to wear (she's got red blotches all over her face).  She and the dentist discuss options for her so she doesn't break out.  On my time.

"All I want to do is scratch my face," she says.  Meanwhile, she is directly over my mouth while she is saying this.  The imagery is appalling.  Then, the dentist asks if Mike (her boyfriend) is going to her family's for Thanksgiving.  Long pause.  "He broke up with me," she says, her voice cracking.  How? By text message on her cell phone.  Now I'm a very sympathetic person but I don't need this drama while I am having a hole drilled in my head.  Amy is so discombobulated that water is spraying on my forehead and the suction thing is not on.  I'm so numbed up, I can only get one word out: "drainage."

It was over in 40 minutes.  I think the five-implant procedure went more smoothly.

Then I went for my first physical therapy appointment.  The doctor never sent in the Rx to authorize the treatments.  The front desk froze.  No Rx?  No soup for you! 

I had to hobble up two flights to the doctor's office (same building) to get the paperwork.  I felt like Dorothy bringing the broom to the Wizard of Ox.  "Here's the script.  Now let's start," I said.  My therapist, the fetching Tara, tells me that she had a similar problem with her meniscus and opted not to have the surgery.  Just as I'm feeling vindicated, she looks at me and says:  "This will either make it better or it will make it worse." Wonderful.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a job where success and failure were equally probable and you still got paid the same regardless of the outcome?  I can't  imagine telling my boss "Well, the market shares either will go up or they will go down."

Finally, today, I had the guys come to re-install the storm windows on my screen porch.  I had my husband put the windows in an easily accessible place.  The windows were numbered to correspond to the screens they would be covering and I even matched up the screws.  All this "crew" had to do was put them up and screw them in.

They arrive two hours late...don't speak English...have not been told what they are coming to the house to do and--this is my favorite part--don't even have a screwdriver.  No tools at all, in fact!

I feel like Holly Hunter's character in Broadcast News (the movie) where the newstation owner says: "Well, isn't nice to be the smartest person in the room?"  She replies: "No.  It's awful."

What's all this have to do with anything related to Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers is reliable.  You count your points and you lose weight.  No idiots to get in your way.

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