Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving on the cape (lyn)

Alexander and I take the Acela up to Boston and arrive around 11:30; Jean and her family pick us up.  We get in the car, and Jean says, “So, how much have you lost?”  I tell her and she smiles, then motions with her hands to communicate that my face looks thinner.  I admit, I’m a little disappointed as I expected a big WOW.  But at least it’s something.

We arrive at the Cape around 1, and my mom comes out to greet us, and gives me a big hug and immediately tells me I feel so much smaller, even with my coat on. 

We enter the house.  My father also gives me a warm hug and says, “You look great.  I love your hair.”

About 15 minutes later Valerie and her family arrive.  Jason, the middle son, always notices and says the right things.  First words out of his mouth, “Wow, Auntie Lyn, you look skinny.”  I don’t look skinny (I now know that from looking at the holiday photos I took such as the one below with my very fit sisters and mother) but certainly skinnier.  

Soon after I get some more favorable comments, including:
“Turn around.  Yes, you can really see it from the back.  Your ass is half the size it was.”
“You look great.  I mean you didn’t look bad before but you really look good now.”
“You lost your double chin.”
And my favorite: “You look like you again.”

I start the day with restraint.  I only have shrimp, red peppers and tomatoes (no dip) for appetizers.  This was particularly difficult given the many more appealing options that were offered (baked brie, pigs in a blanket, spinach spanakopita triangles and creamed herring). 

At dinner, I eat pretty much as planned.  But then I totally blow it and have three different desserts:  a small piece of blueberry pie, a small piece of apple pie (both from my favorite pie-maker, Dana’s Kitchen in West Falmouth), and a small piece of chocolate layered cake in celebration of the three November-December birthdays.

I use up all my bonus points for the week and then some.  And I don't care.

It's a perfect Thanksgiving, and everyone is happy and glad to be together.  It's nice to really like your family.  And I do.

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