Thursday, January 28, 2010

"beat the winter blues" cocktail party (lyn)

A few years ago I splurged and bought the perfect party skirt.  It’s a long handkerchief black-on-black silk skirt.  I justified the purchase with the rationale that it would never go out of style.

Last summer I wanted to wear it and I couldn’t get it up over my thighs.   I was so heartbroken I moved it to the back of my closet, as its very existence made me sad.

Tonight I am going to a party and decide to try it on again.  Not only does it easily slide past my thighs, it fits perfectly.  I match it with a beige cashmere top that I haven’t worn in two years and leave for the party.  I have dinner before going so I won’t be tempted by all the home-cooked food that I know will be there.  I plan to eat nothing and drink only one glass of red wine.

I say hello to the hostess and see not one other familiar face.  I am always intimated when I walk into a room filled with people I don't know.  I wait in line to get a drink, and then find myself standing alone while everyone around me appears to be in deep conversation.  I try to appear comfortable in my oneness.  As if anyone is watching.  Then I see someone else standing by himself and decide to walk over and make conversation.

I’m glad I did.  Brian is delightful.  Interesting, easy to talk to, married with three young boys, and knows the people hosting the party because he lives in the same building.  Most everyone else there is connected through Horace Mann.  When the conversation with Brian moves into so what do you do?  I find myself telling him about my blog.  (When I later tell this to Alexander he is justifiably appalled).  I don’t know if Brian is just being nice or if he really is interested, but when I give him my card, he takes it and promises to read the blog.  So Brian, if you are reading this, please comment as you said you would.

I recognize someone I haven’t seen in five years.  Our kids went to elementary school together.  And then some other people arrive from Horace Mann whom I do know, and soon I ‘m no longer standing alone. 

Great conversations.  No mindless eating.   One glass of red wine.  Time well spent.

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  1. Anonymous11:58 AM EST

    Hey! Thanks for the compliments. It was nice to meet you as well. 280 blog entries, wow, you two are doing a great job with this! Good luck with the upcoming "assignment"...looking forward to reading about it!