Saturday, January 30, 2010

time passages (m)

My godson, W, sent me a letter this week.  At the end, he told me he was going into the Marine Corps.  I got very misty-eyed because it seemed like yesterday (literally) that I was in California for his christening.  He was a gorgeous little blonde baby with big blue eyes. 

My older son, Sam, called the other night to discuss his rooming situation for SENIOR year in college.  He's a sophomore now but the place he wants is in high demand and you have to declare interest well in advance.  While it's a way off in reality, the very idea that this stake was put in the ground reminds me that soon he will be a man, out on his own. 

My mother will celebrate her 85th birthday next Saturday.  She is now two years older than her mother who died at the age of 83.  It doesn't seem possible and I don't want to think about life after her (I'll even put up with a 2-year supply of paper towels).

Yesterday, my younger son, H, got his driver's permit.  I can remember like it was yesterday teaching him to pump his legs on the swing (he never grasped the concept).  Soon, he won't need me to take him to school or skating.   I will miss our time together.

Tonight, I am going to our friend Michael's 60th Birthday party.  He's my husband's roommate from Dartmouth and his best friend.  He's a gray-haired grandfather (but still boyishly handsome).  Sixty!  Yikes.

As I was reflecting on all this, I got depressed thinking that while life marched on all around me, I am still fat.

Just then, I heard H call to me in the house:  "Wow!  You were much heavier in this picture!"  He was going through an album from 2001 (we're pulling pictures for a montage for my mother's birthday party).  I looked at the picture and knew exactly what I weighed that day ....28 pounds more than I do now.

Maybe the next milestone we all recognize will be mine?

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