Wednesday, January 27, 2010

done for the day-the sequel (m)

Here's how I spent the hours from 3:00-9:30 p.m.:

-took a nap (until one of the "aunties" woke me up asking if I called even though I know she has caller i.d. and was looking for an excuse to talk)
-drank a vat of herbal tea
-made Harrison dinner (egg, cheese and onion omelet plus a bagel and soup)
-checked in on my nephew (who is staying with us while at law school and felt sick tonight)
-did two laundries
-wrote up an interview report for a prospective Harvard student
-took the recycling out; found a dead mouse in the garage (again); got a shovel to take the mouse outside
-helped quiz H for his AP History exam (Modern European History...I don't remember anything but the Renaissance.  He says the test will be like the Apocalypse)
-ate two graham crackers with my second vat of tea.

Now I'm taking my Benadryl and going to bed.

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