Saturday, January 30, 2010

ice tea disaster (lyn)

Once a week I make a pitcher of ice tea.  It’s zero points, heathlier than carbonated diet soda, and I like it.  After trying several brands, I’ve settled on Harney & Sons’ Raspberry Herbal.  Making the tea is easy.  It's three steps.

  1. Boil two cups of water and pour over teabag, into a gallon container (in my case, a glass pitcher)
  2. Let steep for 15 minutes and then fill with 6 cups of cold water
  3.  Remove tea bag and gently squeeze it
Tonight, I almost burn down our kitchen before getting to step three.

While boiling the water, I take a tea bag out and leave it on the counter next to the stove.   I go in the other room and finish my lunch of chicken salad on Arnold thins and fat-free Pringles.  I hear the kettle whistling and return to the kitchen.  My eyes are immediately drawn to the dancing flames on my counter top.  Apparently (and I have absolutely no idea how) the tea bag has caught on fire.  I pour water on the flames, and Alexander is helpful in cleaning up the mess.   Fortunately nothing is permanently damaged.  I decide to try again.

I add a new tea bag to the pitcher and fill a measuring cup with boiling water (as I do every single week).   But this time, when I pour the water into the glass pitcher, it explodes outward from the heat of the water.   Glass everywhere, but no one is hurt.

Maybe next time I will explore recipes for sun-brewed ice tea.   

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